Who is the administrator of this site? Mark Johnston / Frisco, TX (near Dallas).  If a huge number of Stoics ask to be added to the database, I might need to seek a volunteer to help.

Why are you doing this? This site is a personal service project to promote stoicism as a life philosophy. Personal data will never be sold, given away, or shared with anyone except group leaders and any new site administrators that come on board.

Who will lead the group? Each group is autonomous; they make their own decisions, rules, plans, etc. This site is simply a clearinghouse to help people with an interest in stoicism find each other.

Why shouldn’t I just use meetup.com?  If you are comfortable with Meetup.com, by all means use it. However, is not fully anonymous and it charges a group fee. This site is only for stoics, is completely free, and does not publish names on the internet.  If you prefer meetup.com, it is a good service that has enormous reach. You can also use both.

Why is the this website so plain?  No web developers were consulted in the creation of this page.  Work will continue on the site, gradually but continually, until the project ends.

How can I donate so you can improve the service?  You cannot. This site costs almost nothing to run and does not exist for the purpose of making money. Hosting only costs me a few dollars per month and will not increase unless an unrealistic number of people suddenly become stoics.

How can I help the site succeed? Share the URL with other people that are interested in Stoicism. Post a link to this site on a forum or bulletin board where it is appropriate. That will help with our search engine ranking.

What is a modern stoic? The experts do not fully agree on what makes someone a modern stoic. This site is not ready to attempt a minimal definition. Anyone considering stoic community should first do a deep dive into stoicism using other sources.

What happens at a stoic gathering? Let us know and we will add a page with suggestions.

How can this site help me find other stoics in my area? We will collect names and locations for potential members in your area and forward them to anyone willing to be a group leader.

What should I do if someone causes trouble? Security is the responsibility of each group. If you notify this site, the member will be excluded from emails and member lists.

Why must my actual name be in the database?  This is done for the safety of the group. Each group should be able to validate the identity of its members. Your name will never be published on the website.  In fact, it will not even exist on the server.

Who will have access to my information? If there is insufficient interest in your area, only the administrator will have access to your information. When enough people have expressed an interest in your area, your information will be forwarded to the primary contact.