Episode 7 – Wiegardt

In episode 7 we have an interview with Erik Wiegardt [43:30] about the Society of Epictetus. Also we discuss the Tablet of Thebes [17:20] and commonplace books [29:45]. LInks mentioned in this episode: Steven Umbrello’s blog and podcast Stoically Speaking Steven Umbrello’s article on vegetarianism at Stoicism Today Massimo Pigliucci’s new blog How to be […]

Episode 6 – Pigliucci

We have an extended interview this month with Massimo Pigliucci [19:15] who identifies ideas in Stoicism that atheists might find troublesome. LInks mentioned in this episode: Gabriele Oettingen – Rethinking Positive Thinking  [02:30] Mental Contrasting Wikipedia article [03:35] My Meditations by Mike Dariano [04:50] John Sellars’ blog – Miscellanea Stoica [06:15] Stoicism and emotions – […]

Episode 5 – Connell

In episode 5 we have an interview (37:25) with comedian Michael Connell and Greg has a segment on tech overload (20:10). Links mentioned: 03:30 Stoicism Today article by Jenny Horner 13:27 Stoicism Today article by Mark Vernon and Tim LeBon 14:10 Youtube videos by Gregory Sadler 14:40 Science Daily article on morality Michael Connell channel […]

Episode 4 – Irvine

Blogger/podcaster Tanner Campbell joins us for the entire episode as a guest host.  We discuss death with dignity, selective renunciation, dealing with illness (0:37:00), the ebola panic (0:29:00) and have an interview with William Irvine (1:02:15), author of A Guide to the Good Life. The Problem with Positive Thinking – New York Times (0:10:50) The […]

Episode 3 – Ussher

Episode 3 is ready for download! Beginning with the next episode, we will no longer be using the feedburner link to handle our syndication. This month we talked about Panaetius and his influence on Roman Stoicism. Greg gave an introduction to the Lift.do website that helps people to develop good habits. In our interview, Matt […]

Episode 2 – Introductions

Episode 2 of the PaintedPorchPodcast is now available. In our interview this month, Dustin Brandt gives us an overview of reddit and r/Stoicism. Also, the podcasters give a little more detail on who we are and why we are podcasting. Thanks for all the feedback! Meet the podcasters, Mark, Matt and Greg Interview with Dustin […]

Episode 1

The first episode of a new Stoic podcast!   Interview Pastor Michael Jones from Zion Baptist Church in Taylor, MI discusses how Christians can adopt Stoic philosophy. News Stoicon James Stockdale documents http://www.usna.edu/Ethics/_files/documents/stoicism1.pdf http://www.usna.edu/Ethics/_files/documents/Stoicism2.pdf Topics Meditations by Marcus Aurelius audio book from audible.com reviewed by Greg. Translation of Meditations by Robin Hard.   Follow Matt […]